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    Got USB working in Fusion 11, now USB 3 flash drive shows up as unrecognized device

    Pragmatist Lurker

      Super simple goal: Use a USB 3 flash drive connected to internal USB 3 port in MacBook Air inside a Fusion VM running Fusion 11 on Mojave


      Life was simple and good under High Sierra with Fusion 8.5 where USB 3 device worked fine on internal USB 3 ports.  Then later 10.13 revs broke external displays, so I upgraded to Mojave and Fusion 11.    Finally got thru getting USB devices to appear properly with Security and Privacy settings.

      Unfortunately now my USB flash drive shows as an unrecognized device, until I plug it into an external powered USB2 hub - giving me Fusion 5 flashbacks.


      How can i configure this so that the device works properly under Fusion 11 without needing to carry around an external USB hub?  I've now paid VMWare twice for that privilege so would really appreciate it if i can achieve what was previously possible under Fusion 8.5.


      What do I need to do to get my USB 3 flash drive recognized properly in Win7 on an internal hub - just like it was working properly under Fusion 8.5 pre-upgrade to Fusion 11?


      Appreciate your help!

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