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    Cannot install VMware Tools because VMware Physical Disk Helper Service doesn't start

    jvasil Lurker

      I've searched but not found this problem mentioned anywhere; any ideas?

      • Host is Window 10 Pro x64
      • Guest is Windows 7 Pro x64 (up to date after many executions of Windows Update)
      • Using Workstation Pro 15 (downloaded trial yesterday)


      Per event viewer:

      Error is reported by System account

      Source is Service Control Manager

      Event ID is 7009

      Error is repeated multiple times


      Other points..

      I did disable AVG antivirus SW before attempting installation

      I did install the guest OS from a DVD using Easy Install.

      I did try to install VMware Tools several times before I figured out how to set the DVD to Auto detect but it is set correctly now.

      Every time I try to do the install, the correct iso file appears to get connected to the virtual DVD and the installation begins and runs for a while before hitting this error.

      (i.e. If I look at the DVD while the install window is open, I see the iso on my host.)

      Searched registry per one kb article and found nothing that looks like a partial install.

      No files at C:\Program Files\VMware on the guest.


      I've spent several hours on this and am disappointed.  Will try to create a new VM with a Windows 10 guest tomorrow.


      Any ideas will be appreciated.