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    Unable to ping host IP

    Kenneth1990 Lurker

      Am able to ping host ip but can not ping VM client-There are four VM and all connected through VLAN

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          a.p. Guru
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          Welcome to the Community,


          without knowing anything about your network configuration, it's almost impossible to help.

          Anyway, assuming that the physical switch ports are configured properly, you may want to make sure that the VLAN-IDs on the VM port groups are also set as required. Note that in case you have a port group for the native/default VLAN, there must be no VLAN-ID set for this port group.




          PS: In case the virtual clients can ping out, check the firewall settings on these clients. For some operating systems ICMP (ping) traffic is blocked by default.

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            Kenneth1990 Lurker

            All the VLAN ID has already been set correctly. It was working perfectly until Friday when it stopped working

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              a.p. Guru
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              Let's see what may be the reason for this.

              First of all, please verify that the VM's have the correct IP settings configured, i.e. have valid IP settings (static, or DHCP).


              Please try the following, and post the results:

              • ping from external client to VM - failed (as of your initial post)
              • ping from VMs to their default gateway
              • ping from VMs to an external IP address (e.g. a server, or your client)
              • ping from one VM to another (assuming they are on the same port group)