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    Issues w/ 6.7 and windows megaraid LSA

    CFB_Dave Lurker

         Bear with me, this is my first day w/ this software as I normally work w/ Hyper-V.  For the life of me I cannot get the AVAGO LSI storage authority to log into my host to display info.  I get the following "Error Code:65537 : Logon failure: unknown user name or bad password"  I've confirmed correct credentials to log into host.

        I did get it to work once oddly and it hasn't since.  What I do notice is in ESXi under  Host | Monitor | hardware | storage | everything but memory is Unknown.


      Hardware:  Lenovo Thinkserver TS460

      RAID controller: embedded MR9340-8i


      Things I have tried/done:

      • Followed instructions and added host file to guest OS.  Both VMWARE and GUEST OS can ping each others host names
      • Disabled firewall on VMWARE per lenovo driver install instructions and confirmed disabled
      • Ensured that LSA detects VMWARE host
      • Ensure slpd and sfcbd-watchdog services were running.  restarted both as a diag step
      • ran enum_instances cim_system lsi/lsimr13 and got the following so I assume it is at least seeing it?



      Name = 500605B00DD3F6E0

      CreationClassName = LSIESG_MegaRAIDHBA


      What is installed:


      • LSIPROVIDER:  LSI Provider for ESX Server 500.04.V0.71-0004 (From broadcom site)
      • RAID DRIVER:  Version: 7.705.10.00-1OEM.670.0.0.8169922 (From lenovo site)


      GUEST OS (2019 Server)

      • LSI Storage Authority
      • MegaRAID 7.7


      Any input would be greatly appreciated.