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    Mapping Missing: Folder - Unable to Configure

    alonestone Lurker

      I was able to configure the VM for Site Recovery. Everything looked normal. I put it in a Datastore that Had plenty of space. I then created a Protection Group.

      The issue then arises that the VM is not configured. I go into the Protection Group, and am seeing the Mapping Missing: Folder . I try to Configure the Server, however, the option is Greyed out.


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          Daniel_Georgiev Hot Shot
          VMware Employees

          You can try to configure the mappings from Protection group -> Virtual Machines -> Select the problematic VM and open Configure protection settings. This will open the window from which you can edit the protection settings for the individual machine. The other option is to remove the Folder mappings and create it again with attention on where is located/moved the VM.


          Hope this helps,

          Daniel G.