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    VCAP6-Deploy BluePrint question

    nabarry1 Lurker

      Hi all, I was wondering if anybody could clarify "according to a deployment plan" to me: It seems straightforward, but when you dig into it, some questions come up:

      Host profiles for host settings, so far so good

      DVSwitch and NIOC- again, makes sense

      SPBM for storage-- I get this too.


      What I DON'T understand, is hardening VMs according to a deployment plan-- Is there a policy engine for VMs that I've completely forgotten about? I make HEAVY use of powercli, but individual virtual machine advanced options are less than ideal, even in powercli. What am I missing here? Am I just over-thinking things?

      At any rate, I'll find out tomorrow morning if my study is up to snuff.