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    Automatic report troubleshooting in 3.6.1

    scale21 Enthusiast

      Usage meter sends reports based on the day of the month. I am having issues getting the reports to send automatically. Troubleshooting is tough because when i make a change i need to increment the day by 1 day so that it runs again that night.


      Is there a way to attempt to send the automatic reports manually without relying on waiting a day?


      I know alert emails are working fine and i know i can hit the test button that is working fine. On the email tab under manage i can even click "save" and "send email" and  I get those emails. I dont ever get "automatic reports" containing the attachments and i want to test this function without waiting a day each time i make a change.

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          csjohnson Lurker
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          The 'send email' link is intended to be the manual test to validate the ability to send the automatic reports. Because of this, there is not an immediate solution in place to solve your specific issue. Let me do some digging  to see if we can come up with an option.

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            scale21 Enthusiast

            I have tried various things like restarting the tomcat service, incremental the day it sends, etc. 


            I am showing this in the logs:





            Log: um.log



            INFO [pool-4-thread-1] report.AutoReportsRunner: A report was already sent this month.


            I need to a way to reset this so it doesnt think it sent already this month so it redelivers the reports for last month.

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              PeterNed Novice
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              Please explain what is the final goal you are after so we can assist. Is it to make sure the reports are sent to VMware so you can utilize Usage Insight service?

              Please also provide is the version of the Usage Meter.



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                scale21 Enthusiast

                I think my goals are to get automatic reports to work and be sent to my email address. Right now there is no way to test this. There is no test button. The only real way is to increment the day of the month and wait 24 hours to see if it sent.


                I am finding if you enable ssh, login, and go to the um.log it shows a message saying it tried to send the reports but it has already sent them for the month so it cancels it.


                I need a mechanism to send out the actual reports to my email address without waiting 24 hours after each change in order to test it.


                If i can do this, i can test quickly and figure out why i am not receiving the reports properly every month.


                The version of UM i am running is in the subject of this thread. 3.6.1

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                  vinayag Enthusiast
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                  Here’s solution for the same,


                  Please follow the below steps to get the Automatic Email Report sent to self on the same day immediately.


                  1. Goto “Automatic Reporting” page and “Submit reports to self” section.
                  2. In the Reporting Day drop-down menu, select the day of the month as Today’s date.
                  3. Select the “Reports” to include in the set.
                  4. Provide valid Email IDs for “From” & “To” addresses.
                  5. Click Save.
                  6. Goto “Manage” Page and “Email” Section .
                  7. Click Save.




                  Once the month’s report has been sent, it won’t be sent again.

                  But you can create a new Auto report set (with different name) with a Reporting Day of Today.