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    VMware Workstation unrecoverable error: (svga) NOT_REACHED bora\mks\hostops\DX11\DX11BlendState.c:90

    twlkom Lurker



      I found a bug in VMware Workstation 15 (latest version), my setup is simple:


      Windows XP x64 VM with 3d acceleration enabled. I need 3d acceleration because:

      Im just running a Game called "Silkroad Online" in this VM.


      Wheneve I teleport into a certain ingame town Workstation just crashes the VM ( see below screenshot ).


      I tested following:


      running same setup on Win 7 x64, Win 10 LTSB x64, running on a dedicated nvidia gpu and an intel graphics card on 2 different PC and Notebook, it always happens in this town.

      I can reproduce this error and Im willing to build a VM for an VMware engineer, please get in touch with me.


      I can also attach a .dmp, is this safe here in a open place?


      I have got no support entitlement!