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    High CPU usage by system process after 49 days of uptime (OCFlush)

    montor Lurker

      After about 49 days of uptime, the system process of my ESXi 6.7 U1 host (free version) is consuming a lot of CPU time:


            ID      GID NAME             NWLD   %USED    %RUN    %SYS   %WAIT %VMWAIT    %RDY  %IDLE  %
             1        1 system            190   39.67  784.10    0.01 17919.68      -   45.31   0.00


      By expanding GID 1 in esxtop, I find that a process called "OCFlush" is responsible for the high load.


      Searching the web for OCFlush yields a post on reddit where people suppose this might be some kind of overflow, since 2^32 ms ≈ 49 days and 17 hours.


      Is that a known bug? What is the purpose of OCFlush?