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    Migrate TWO standalone Vcenters to VCSA 6.7U1 with single SSO domain.

    milonet83 Lurker

      Hi all,

      i'm writing this post because i need migrate My Two Windows Vcenter server 6.7U1 (with embedded PSC)  to a VCSA 6.7U1 with Linked mode. I'm confusing to keep enbedded psc or separate it.

      If the right chose is separate the PSC, how can configure PSC HA ?



      - I have SRM between two sites. The SRM (after reconfiguring must be operational)

      - I need to keep 2 different SITES but only one NEW SSO domain (example vsphere.local) and decommission the 2 actual sso domains.

      - I need to view the 2 vcenters in one point of managment (i need to activate linked mode)

      - I need to activate vcenter HA to delete single point of failure.


      I ask you which are the migration step.


      1) Migrate the vcenters from windows to VCSA with GUI wizard, correct? This process keep sso domainS and sites, correct?

      2) ?

      3) ?


      I thank all the people who will help me !