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    questions vmware Esxi

    ricky89 Novice

      In 2020 the new NUC intel with NUC9i9QNX e models will be released


      With 64GB RAM support on Pci Express 16x support to add a video card.

      The processor model and with the initials H.

      According to you vmware esxi runs smoothly without lag blocks? adding 64gb of ram processor core i7 or i9 one from 6 cores and the other 8 cores.

      Thank you and I await your answers.

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          daphnissov Guru
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          Not entirely sure what you're asking here. Are you asking if existing NUC models work well with ESXi, or if this future model will work will with ESXi? If the former, users generally report success with the NUC despite some limitations (under-powered, un-supported, single NIC); and if the latter, we obviously won't know that since that's still a ways out.