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    Blaster Zero Clients / MGMT Console ?

    Douglas42Adams Novice

      Hi Everyone - Happy Friday !


      We currently have Dell Wyse Zero Clients using PCoiP.


      Is anyone running the Blaster ZC ?.  Is there a Specific Model that seems to work better than others ?


      We would probably use this w/ Horizon 7.6 - win 10 Ent 1709.


      We were trying to find a PCoiP management console equivalent… ie how do we manage the Blaster ZC's like we do now for the Terradici ones in the PCOIP MGMT console ?


      Anyone running into issues / things not working in the Blaster ZC's ?.. We would rather not give Terradici the Extortion money to upg the FW past 551 etc.. Much rather give it to VMWARE. .


      Any thoughts / best practices on moving from the PCOIP to BLASTER would be greatly appreciated.


      Thank you !