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    Certificate-Manager errors when attempted to generate certificates in vCenter Server 6.0 (Windows)

    PhilaGovTim Lurker

      Good morning!


      I continually receive errors when attempting to utilize CERTIFICATE-MANAGER in our vCenter Server 6.0 installation, when I select any Option[1 to 8], as referenced within the attached picture. (Sorry, the complete error is too lengthy to retype).




      My goal is to regenerate the certificates for our vCenter installation, because our vSphere Web Client [https://<server.domain>:9443/vsphere-client/] now renders as blank when we attempt to access it via browser.


      Our organization recently migrated to a brand new Windows Active Directory domain, and migrated our Windows vCenter Server 6.0 over to it. our vCenter installation utilizes the standard, localized database - the database is NOT connected to any other domain database server.


      How can I get the vCenter certificate-manager back into working order, so I can regenerate the certs for the vSphere Web Client?


      Thank you, in advance, for your assistance!


      KEYWORDS: "certificate-manager" traceback ioerror "errno 13" "permission denied" vmcad