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    Disk space issue in ESXi

    zealfire Lurker

      In one of my ESXi where I use SSD, disk space shown by df -h command seems to be wrong. It shows disk space as full but I am not able to find out how about 300GB of disk space is being used? Please find below o/p of command executed by me:


      df -h

      Filesystem   Size   Used Available Use% Mounted on

      VMFS-5     931.2G 931.2G      0.0B 100% /vmfs/volumes/1TB_SSD



      du -shca /vmfs/volumes/1TB_SSD/*

      87.0G /vmfs/volumes/1TB_SSD/file_1

      81.9G /vmfs/volumes/1TB_SSD/file_2

      82.0G /vmfs/volumes/1TB_SSD/file_3

      82.6G /vmfs/volumes/1TB_SSD/file_4

      87.2G /vmfs/volumes/1TB_SSD/file_5

      82.7G /vmfs/volumes/1TB_SSD/file_6

      81.7G /vmfs/volumes/1TB_SSD/file_7

      81.5G /vmfs/volumes/1TB_SSD/file_8

      389.0M /vmfs/volumes/1TB_SSD/logging

      1.0M /vmfs/volumes/1TB_SSD/server.log

      667.0G total


      If you go through the above o/p about 250 GBs of data seems to be lost.

      Has anyone else faced a similar thing?