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    VMWare Fusion Stuck Keys

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      Thought I would reopen a new thread on this issue as the old one located here High Sierra and Fusion "stuck" keys was related to High Sierra and as we are now into Mojave and the problem still exists for a number of people. OI had to move to another product and occassionally return to see what and if this has been resolved. It has not been on my 2017 MAC. The issue was fixed by a once off patch to fusion 10.1.3 or some thing but then lost in subsequent updates to fusion. All in all this issue has existed for over a year and the official bugs and tribletickets were closed against the earlier version. The problem persis and its sad to see the state of repair and bug resolution frequency on Fusion. Once such a great product.

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          well while having time off at present thought  would try and solve this other ways because its obvious that VMWare are using some old calls that do not behave the way they used to and that VMWare can not actually see or even recognide they have a problem. I've tried all sorts of things to stop this from occurring and the closest i can come is to permanent enable the touch bar. Nothing else seems to impact the outcome except for this. Seems that when th touchbar switches modes then the key repeat occurs. Simply can not remove that issue. Seems back toparallels.

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            Upgraded my MBP (now a 2018 15" one with all the bells and whistles), also installed the latest Fusion 11.0.2 and am now seeing keys getting stuck after a few days of use.


            I'm pretty much only seeing this when I swipe from one full screen VM to another full screen one.

            On initial typing into the VM a key can be stuck, especially moderator keys (Ctrl or Alt), but it can be any keyyyyyyyyy.


            Did not see this on my old 2012 MBP where I ran an older Fusion version.


            FWIW, using an external keyboard and screen.



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