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    NSX-T - Do we need multiple T0 for multiple transport zones?

    touiller Lurker

      Hello all,


      We have a NSX-T design question.


      We would like to have 2 Transport Zones (one for our VM ESXi cluster and one for our PKS ESXi cluster) and 2 T1 (also one for VMs and one for containers).


      With this design, do we need to have 2 T0 routers, or could we have only one T0 router? Each T1 will manage it's own /16 subnet, but we would like to route everything to only 1 T0. To have only 1 T0 would also reduce traffic on the physical world between VMs and containers.


      And if we can have 1 T0 router, do we need one EDGE cluster, or do we need 2 (or more) clusters?


      Many thanks for your help on this.