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    Log Assist requires additional privileges on the Skyline service account

    RideauxDeBoeuf Lurker

      Hi, we deployed Skyline appliance and collectors several weeks ago, initially a few issues in that it didn't look like anything was working within the first week, but seems Ok so far.


      One area we're still hitting problems with is with the log collection/upload feature. Whenever I try to gather logs I receive an error message "Log Assist requires additional privileges on the Skyline service account".


      On the face of it, this would indicate that the Skyline service account requires specific rights to be able to gather logs. Which is fine, but the account has the necessary rights since day one. I've checked, double checked and triple checked that the skyline account (which is an AD user account), has the correct rights assigned at the Global level.


      We assigned the rights by creating a new Role on the PSC, assigned the relevant rights to the role (as described in this article VMware Knowledge Base ).


      Just to re-confirm though, these are the rights assigned to the role we created.


      This has been in place since the appliance was first deployed 4 weeks ago yet it's never worked.


      Any ideas appreciated.