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    How to query for VM stats?

    maximumcookie Lurker

      Hey guys,


      I'm attempting to query for VM stats, but I'm running into an error that I don't fully understand.  What I did was grab the Vmware.Vim dll from the PowerCLI install and have been using that.  Below is the relevant code.



      VimClient vimClient = new VMware.Vim.VimClientImpl();

      var serviceContent = vimClient.Connect(hostname, VMware.Vim.CommunicationProtocol.Https, null);

      var userSession = vimClient.Login(un, pwd);


      String[] viewProperties = null;


      NameValueCollection filter = new NameValueCollection();

      filter.Add("Name", vmName2LookFor);



      var ret = vimClient.FindEntityViews(typeof(VMware.Vim.VirtualMachine), null, filter, viewProperties);

      var VMs = ret.Cast<VMware.Vim.VirtualMachine>().ToList();



      var vm = VMs.FirstOrDefault();

      var pm = new VMware.Vim.PerformanceManager(vimClient, vm.MoRef);




      var summary = pm.QueryAvailablePerfMetric(vm.MoRef, DateTime.Now.AddDays(-1), DateTime.Now, null);



      The above QueryAvailablePerfMetric is failing with the following error:


      VMware.Vim.VimException: 'The request refers to an unexpected or unknown type.'



      I'm unsure exacty what this exception means, but I'm guessing it doesn't like the MoRef I sent in?  I can pull stats off this same VM using the PowerCLI Get-Stat and Get-StatType cmdlets.


      Can someone help me out?  What am I missing here?