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    How do I get VMWare Pro 15 to work with CentOS 7 guest with graphical desktop?

    JDMacNair Lurker

      I have a Lenovo Yoga 920. It has a very nice high resolution screen (288 dpi). When I start up a CentOS 7 guest it allows me to log in while I am in command line mode. However after I log it the graphical desktop comes up. At that point the mouse seems to lose its place on the desktop. This makes the complete environment unusable. I had this problem originally with my older VMWare Workstation Pro 12, which claimed to support high resolution screens but clearly did not. So I thought it was a matter of me trying to use an older VMWare. So I bought a new copy of VMWare 15. However the problem is still the same. Any suggestions on how I can get this to work? The same VM works fine on my MacBook Pro under VMWare Fusion, so I know that the VM is fine.


      Jim MacNair