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    I am doing a POC on HW VTEP swicth Integration to NSX controller. ANY switch can be configured as  HW VTEP Gateway to NS controller even if not certified by VMware .

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      I need to integrate a physical switch with NSX controller.  This is for a POC for HW vtep integration with NSX controller

      Anybody pls let me know what are the requirements.


      My switch is running with linux 4.19.

      It has SHA1 , opensslv3,

      and has OVSDB Version 2.5


      The NSX server is running on other side with version 6.3.4


      both switch and server are in same network:

      Switch(hw VTEP)[(ovsbd-server)]--------------------------------(ovsdb-client)[NSX-controller]


      ovs-pki init

      ovs-pki req+sign is used for generating certificate.


      i an using vtep-ctl set-manager ssl:IP:6640 to initiate a connection to ovsdb-client running at [NSX controller].

      i expect that ssl connection will be initiated by server in this case and ovsdb-client will be listening passively to connections.


      Query: Will switch(not certified by vmware) get detected at nsx controller ??