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    interrupt lost when trying to run redhat (not enterprise) 6.2 as guest

    bl4krat Lurker

      I am trying to run redhat 6.2 (circa 2000)* as a VMware Player 14.1.5 guest  under Win 10.


      Although I can install the OS, i can't get it to actualy run - during boot, it loads the busLogic driver, and then i just get 'interrupt lost' messages.


      Redhat 6.2 came with linux kernal 2.2.14-5.0


      What is the magic combination of settings I need to get this to run properly?


      Annoyingly, I HAVE managed to get it running with VitualBox, emulating a buslogic scsi harddrive.....








      *Why the heck am i doing this? Well, I need a very old c-compiler (with no stack protection, etc) to try my hand at the gera Insecure Programming challenges