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    VM migration to vCloud director

    ManivelR Enthusiast

      Hi Guys,


      I have few doubts about VM migration to vcloud director.



      I have different customer vCenter servers.

      VC1--> 20 VMs

      VC2---> 30 VMs

      VC3---->40 VMs


      Im going to setup a new vCenter server ""VC4""" along with vcloud director this week.After setting up,we need move all the customer VMs to vcloud director(vCD).

      How to accomplish this task ?


      1) Migrate VMs from vCenter server(VC1,VC2,VC3) to vCenter server(VC4) and import it to VCD(import option is ther in vCD vapps) ? Is this best option or any other direct option is available to vCD directly  ?


      Please check and suggest.


      Thank you guys,

      Manivel R