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    Error message "View request timed out. Please try again in a few moments." is being returned by vROps 7.

    JJAdams99 Lurker

      Product is vROps 7 The navigation I am using is: 1) The search (spyglass) on the main (black) menu bar - where I enter a VM's name. 2) Next I select the VM from the returned list 3) The VM information is displayed (defaulting to the summary tab) 4) If the details tab is not displayed, click more then details tab 5) On the displayed page I click on type twice to sort the types of views so Trend sorts to the top 6) I scroll down the list and select "Virtual Machine CPU Diagnose" 7) The displayed view will default to the last 24 hours. 8) To view a period covering the past week or a specific day during the past week you'd select the calendar icon and select a different relative period of time, specific date range or absolute date range and then click go. Prior to upgrading to v7 this worked fine, but ever since our version of vROps was upgraded to v7 we started getting the error message below (without the double quotes).  This message appears immediately so it appears that we have a timeout interval that is set to a very short time, but I've been unable to find a reference to how to fix this.  Any help would be appreciated!  Thanks in advance. "View request timed out. Please try again in a few moments."