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    EXSi 6.7 - Fail to power one  one VM for "There are insufficient licenses to complete this operation".

    Jack280 Lurker

      I have a vmware box, where there are multiple VM nodes running on it.  Today  I am trying to bring up all the  VMs after an reboot.


      1. One VM failed to be brought up,  for this message "There are insufficient licenses to complete this operation",  and if I was to downsize its CPU number to be 1, then it was able to be brought up. 

      2. But the funny thing is, at the same time, for the  other vms on the same box, I can even increase the cpu number and have them brought up.

      3. That failed one with multi-CPU had been running for months, before this rebooting.


      Any clue what could be wrong ?