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    App Volumes Storage Groups - replication between clusters?

    ajcohen1 Lurker

      Hi all,

      I'm just trying to get a sanity check on storage groups in App Volumes 2.14.

      I want to automate (or hopefully simplify) how we get app stacks from QA to Pro by using storage groups.

      I want to set up a storage group that is made up of a QA cluster datastore and a non-attachable NFS datastore to auto-replicate Dev appstacks to the NFS.

      I then want to set up another storage group from the NFS datastore to our Prod cluster datastore to replicate those same app-stacks to Prod. Prod and QA don't talk to each other so I will, have two AppVolumes environments that don't know about each other.


      If I make changes to the app stacks in the QA-NFS group, is this going to cause problems with the NFS-Prod group? I have a bad feeling it will. Is there a better way to be doing this?