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    Office Pro Plus installs/configures on every launch of Outlook

    szilagyic Enthusiast


      We just upgraded from AppVol 2.12 to 2.14.2 (latest).  After the upgrade, users are calling in with an issue where Outlook 2016 Pro Plus tries to run an install or configure every time it is launched. In our case we have Office installed directly on the master image which has not changed, it is not an AppStack.  We use Writable Volumes and I have verified that the issue is not related to any changes in the snapvol.cfg file with the update as I've tried the old version of snapvol.cfg as well and get the same behavior, so it's definitely an issue with the 2.14.2 upgrade somehow.



      Has anybody else experienced this and know of a workaround?  I've been looking and so far no solution that I can find.

      Thanks in advance!