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    derrellb Lurker

      Good Morning everyone,


      I have a small environment in our engineering rack and I added 3 additional hosts into the mix.  When I added them into the clusters where my prepared hosts are, the new hosts did not take the VIB's.  I was finally able to force sync the hosts and they were able to get their VTEP's.


      When I did those, I then got the following alarm: ESX.Problem.Hyperthreading.Unmitigated


      all 6 of the servers are M4's.  But when I go to the Advanced system settings, only the 3 new servers have this as an option to set to true or false (Currently set to false).  The original 3 dont even have that as an advanced setting.  They all six have VMKernal.Hyperthreading and are set to "TRUE"


      I am not sure if forcing the sync caused this or what.  I found the KB about this but it talks about this happening when doing an upgrade.  I didn't do an upgrade.


      It says that it is a setting to mitigate a CVE security issue.


      Any thoughts?