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    SRM 8.1 broken site pair, cannot remove

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      I had to reinstall my Site B SRM servers because I forgot the db password. In doing so I didn't break the site pair gracefully. Now I cannot repair the site pair or recreate it, I just get the below error. I have tried from both vCenters/SRM servers. Is there any way to remove this forcefully? (GUI does not work)


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          you cannot repair, reconfigure or create new pair from Site A -> Site B and vice versa, because sites are not in sync. For example, if you have a Protection group and Recovery plan you will have information for this only in Site A, but Site B will be with clean DB and this information is missing. A possible solution in your case is to Uninstall Site A SRM with delete SRM data and install it again. After that, both sites will be with clean DB and configuration and it's possible to pair sites.


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