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    NSX Edge HA multi-site / cluster placement

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      We currently have an small infrastructure running vSphere 6.5 u1 and NSX 6.3.5, we don't have a dedicated Edge cluster.

      The infrastructure is located in two diffenrent datacenters linked by 10Gb L2 lines, on each site we have a 4 node cluster.

      For the Public networking part, everything is redondant between our two datacenters.


      Is it possible and supported to create an Edge gateway cluster (active/passive) with each node residing on a different cluster ? (Active runs on cluster in DC1 and slave runs on cluster2 in DC2)


      Thanks for your help.

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          Considering the Edge Role ( Active-Passive) , you can certainly create in that way and take care of DRS rule (Manual process) . By any chance we have a stretched storage layer ?  While placement of edges are very key design decision , it is equally important to understand failure scenarios like Active Edge fails and Passive takes over the role . You have mentioned DCI is 10gig pipeline , so I'm assuming for DC-DC traffic for whatever reasons and data traffic for NSX workloads will be sufficient enough even during a failure scenarios (When VM's are on one site and Edges are on another site) and irrespective of the failures , there will be traffic hair pinning. Redundant DC's is a good approach but do understand the nature of the traffic flow this will help you align closely with missing gaps.