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    VMware tools, View agents, nVidia drivers - install order?

    HendersonD Hot Shot

      This is our current environment

      • ESXi 6.7 Update 1 running on HPE DL380s Gen10 servers
      • VMWare View 7.6.0
      • VMWare Tools 10.2.5
      • nVidia 7.0 - this includes the vib install on the ESXi hosts as well as the nVidia driver install under Windows
      • Window 10 version 1709


      I know when building a new master image, the order of install is:

      1. VMware Tools
      2. VMware View agents
      3. nVidia drivers
      I now want to upgrade to VMWare tools to 10.3.5 which was just released. Which method do I use?


      Method 1
      Upgrade master image VMWare tools, new snapshot, recompose desktops
      Method 2


      • Uninstall nVidia drivers, reboot master image
      • Uninstall VMWare view agents, reboot
      • Upgrade VMWare tools, reboot
      • Install VMWare View agents, reboot
      • Install nVidia drivers, reboots
      • Set licensing server, new snapshot, recompose desktops