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    Problems in hardrive size and Windows install

    TECH198 Enthusiast

      Running vSphere 5.0 client, and unable to install Windows 2000 Server.. have a few problems

      (1. Error is at beginning of install:


      "Setup did not find any hard disk drives installed in your computer"


      I think its due to controller type, since all the articles i am finding are related to Windows XP, I followed changing controller to LSI-SAS, but it didn't help, even


      VMware Knowledge Base


      What am I doing wrong ?


      (2. When creating Data-store it seems to use all available free space if I upload iso image (I duno why, because data store is 37 gig, but only 2 to 3 gig space let), so datastore must be created and in order to use all space available iso must come from physical image..  With  that i select "client device" under Edit>>Settings >>Hardware>>>. Since i'm using VMWare fusion, I connect iso to CD/DVD virtual drive, and "Emulate IDE" under Edit >> Settings of VM. in vSphere


      I think i'm almost there Been a while since i've tinkered with vSphere/ESXi