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    VMware Workstation Player 15 resizes guest window on suspend/resume

    mstreibe Lurker

      I'm running a Windows 10 VM inside of VMware Workstation Player 15 on an Ubuntu 18.04 LTS laptop with an internal 1920x1080 display and a external 1920x1200 monitor. VMware Tools is installed in the VM.


      The Windows VM is supposed to always run in full screen mode on the external monitor with the 1920x1200 resolution. This works in general, but when I suspend the VM, vmplayer will always switch to windowed mode and resizes the window (and with it the VM's screen) to something very small before suspending the VM. As a result, on resume of the VM, all program windows in the VM have resized themselves to fit the small screen resolution, and I have to manually make them large again, which is rather annoying.


      I previously ran the same setup with Oracle VirtualBox. It didn't have this issue but I had to abandon this platform for other reasons.


      Is there any way to tell vmplayer to stick to fullscreen mode? Running "vmplayer -X <VM name>" does not help, none of the VM settings in the GUI seem to address this, and I also couldn't find any useful setting for the vmx file.


      How to prevent this automatic window resize?