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    Horizon 7.3.2 Connection Servers not replicating. Last success @ 2018-11-02 10:29:14

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      vdiconn01 refuses to replicate with vdiconn02.


      On vdiconn01 I get:



      C:\Windows\system32>repadmin.exe /replicate vdiconn01:389 vdiconn02.:389 dc=vdi,dc=vmware,dc=int

      DsReplicaSync() failed with status 8456 (0x2108):

          The source server is currently rejecting replication requests.



      and in the reverse direction I get the same. Also for vdiconn02 in both directions


      I got this from a repadmin.exe /showrepl localhost:389 run on vdiconn01



      Source: Default-First-Site-Name\VDICONN02$VMwareVDMDS

      ******* 6059 CONSECUTIVE FAILURES since 2018-11-02 10:41:31

      Last error: 8451 (0x2103):

                  The replication operation encountered a database error.



      Also last backup on vdiconn02 is 2018-11-01 and vdiconn01 is 2018-11-21 as shown on the Connection Servers tab.


      Looks to me like vdiconn02 is so far behind in replications that vdiconn01 refuses to communicate with vdiconn02.


      Now what?


      Follow this one: VMware Knowledge Base  (including this VMware Knowledge Base ) or what ?



      Best Regards

      Peter Rasch Lageri