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    Thoughts on VCP6.5-DCV

    renright Enthusiast

      Just passed the VCP 65. DCV exam (2V0-622). Even though I passed I am disappointed with the exam.  Normally I score between 370 - 420 on VCP exams, but only received a 320 on this exam.

      Whoever wrote the exam must like Trivia Pursuit because many of the questions were pure trivia.  It's like they went through the vSphere documentation and pulled out the most trivia of information and put it into a question. The worst part if that I believe the Exam Prep guide (vmw-vcp65-dcv-2v0-622-guide.pdf) is pretty useless.  Whoever wrote the exam should have followed it a lot better.

      I have over ten years of hands on experience, am VCAP 6.0 DCV Deploy Certified and certified VCP in 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 5.0, 5.5 & 6.0. I also printed out Vladan SEGET's extire VCP6.5-DCV STUDY GUIDE and went through it thoroughly. Yet, I only scored 320. :-(

      In my opinion, this exam is not a true measure of what a VCP must know. The only thing that an exam like this will accomplish is make exam dump sites richer.