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    workstation 12 pro Unity extreme slowness, Windows 10

    berouq Lurker



      I've been happily, and stably using Workstation Pro for many years, including unity.


      I've even been very successful in maintaining my host on Windows 7, while using Windows 10 guests.  The trouble began when I upgraded host to Windows 10.  New ssd drive, fresh os install, fresh vmware install.  I think they're pretty recently created guests also.  I now have three kinds of issues, this ticket will cover one of them:


      I can't say the performance is super, but very reasonable.  But when I go to unity, forget it.  In Microsoft Word, I can watch grass grow between a keystroke and the character appearing on the display.  everything is really slow.


      I'm not using the latest machine, but its pretty powerful.  Dell Precision m4700, quad core I7, 16 gig ram, 500gig ssd.


      Any help appreciated.