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    vROPS Tenant vApp - VM names in billing?

    andreaspa Enthusiast

      I have integrated vROPS with vCD, and everything is working fine as expected, however I notice that bills that are generated have VM names that reflect the names in vSphere and not the names in vCloud Director:

      Other parts of the Tenant App shows the names from vCloud Director:

      Is this particular to my setup, or does anyone else also experience these problems?

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          Jon Waite Enthusiast

          We have the same situation - it's not as bad for vApps/VMs created in 9.5 as they get the 'new' format name (VM with 4 character suffix after a '-'), but for VMs created in previous releases using the old GUID naming it's a bit of a pain.


          I actually think that vCD should display the 4-character suffix and offer a way to migrate the old (GUID) names to this pattern. I like that tenants can create 20 servers called 'test1' (for example) and have these not conflict with each other, but if you do this, in the vCD interface there's no way to distinguish which server is which. (And yes, we have some tenants that like to do things like this...)