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    Sluggish / Unity Quits / Need to restart often

    tparker Lurker

      I use Parallels on my laptop, and Fusion on my Desktop.


      The short conclusion is that the former works very fluidly, whereas the latter is sluggish. I'm wondering if this is normal? I don't want to start a Parallels vs. Fusion debate, but then based on my experiences i'm wondering if perhaps it's just me? I don't see many others complaining about Fusion.


      Laptop (Parallels)

      MacBook Air (Early 2015)

      2.2 GHz i7

      8gb RAM (2048 allocated to Windows 7)



      Fusion (Fusion)

      iMac (Late 2015)

      3.1 GHz i5

      16gb RAM (3072 allocated to Windows 10)

      Fusion Drive


      Basically, after a while working with Windows under Fusion it becomes sluggish: delays when switching between windows; sometimes they blank out and I need to wait a few seconds (or up to a minute) to become usable again ; eventually - after a day or two without restarting - the delays pile up and Unity quits... i'm forced back into a single window. I still have annoying cases where open windows overlap each other or don't properly get foreground focus. Every two days I need to shut down Windows and completely shut down Fusion, as if there's stale memory I need to recover.


      Is this normal behaviour?


      I've tried allocating more memory to the VM (6144mb even) to no avail. These problems occurred before upgrading to the latest VMWare,  before upgrading to Windows 10, and before upgrading to Mojave. Therefore doesn't seem to be a Windows 10 vs Windows 7 issue, and meanwhile I feel like i've wasted my money upgrading VMWare to the latest version for no reason at all.


      Anything I can try?