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    VUM 6.7 U1  HTML5 Gui, where is the Scan function?

    srodenburg Hot Shot



      I'm going nuts. I can't find the Scan Now function in the 6.7 U1 HTML5 Gui. I Select a host, select "Host updates", I can attach, detach, stage and remediate but the Scan button? Where is it?

      On my 6.7 U1 hosts, there are currently 2 patches waiting for them. I have not scanned any hosts yet.

      Now, the HTML5 Gui says 47 patches are waiting??? and the compliance status of both "Critical" and "Non Critical" Host patches is "unknown".

      When I scan Now via the Flash GUI (because I can't find it in the HTML5 Gui) and then refresh the HTML5 Gui again, it will say "not compliant" and when selecting Stage or Remediate, will show the same 2 patches as the Flash GUI (instead of those silly 47).


      What am I missing here?