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    Best Practice on Mapping VRASN Best Practice on Mapping VRASN VMware Virtual Machine Instances & VMware Virtual Machine Instances

    henswort Novice

      What is the best practice used to map CI's discovered (i.e. by discovery Virtual Machine Instance [cmdb_ci_vm_instance]) and those created by the plugin (i.e. VRASN VMware Virtual Machine Instance [x_vmw_vmware_vrasp_vrasn_vmware_virtual_machine_instance])?


      I find the plug in documentation (i.e. "V4.0 User Installation Guide[Configuring-the-vRealize-Automation-Plug-in-for-ServiceNow]") confusing. So, if this is the description of the CI mapping, I'd really appreciate a more "entry level" process.


      Thanks in advance.