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    Question and installation vmware and vmware Esxi

    ricky89 Novice


      I would like to install on my computer vmware pro workstation including vsphere Esxi to install nvidia vGPU virtual video cards.



      In my PC I use 32gb of ram ddr4 a processor intel quad core 2.0 GHZ and 8 threads with support set instructions Vt-x and Vt-d and virtualization support.



      I would like to use these powerful vgpu cloud dell nvidia I saw on the official site gives you the trial trial for 90 days I can try? does it work correctly in my computer of this configuration ?.



      Instead in the laptop goes well? just having more ram is a good connection? I belong to the fiber and it's very good.


      is it possible to install two vGPU nvidia grid?


      If you have advice or maybe PDF guides how to install step by step everything you need thank you.



      Thank you in advance and I await your answers.