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    ESXi 5.5 No password and Need access to Data on the RAID configuration

    flyhigh1987 Lurker

      Hi Everyone,

      First time here and have a bit of an issue.


      I work IT and 2 years ago we decommissioned  a server running ESXi5.5. We migrated over to Synology and never had to worry about that server again till today. Client deleted old email and files off of network drive 2 months ago and is no longer on synology but would still be on old server.


      ISSUE::: We no longer have password for the ESXi 5.5 server that we booted up. This causes an issue because need the data off of that RAID config. I've tried booting into another ESXi5.5 that I created but the drives are not recognized when I try to add storage.


      Is there any way to get that data off of their or is there something I'm doing wrong??