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    Cannot upgrade V5.5.0 vCentre appliance to V6.0.0

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      I am running the vcsa-setup.html off the DVD "VMware-VCSA-all-6.0.0-8874690.iso" and after entering all the required details, the process kicks off and creates the new vCenter server, powers it on but then stops at "Configuring the machine" which is at the point where it starts to install the various applications required for vCenter. I then check the Tasks on the newly created appliance and I can see the error:


      Discover virtual appliance


      VMware vSphere Update

      Manager had an unknown

      error. Check the events and

      log files for details.




      The following events keep popping up in the Events view of the newly created vCenter server:


      Guest operation Initiate File Transfer From Guest performed.


      11/13/2018 10:46:56 PM




      This is where the upgrade sits and from what I can see it will sit here for ever:

      Image 9.png


      I can putty to the new appliance but there does not seem to be much there to check. I had VMware support have a look and they said there are no logs they can check until the upgrade process errors-out. They suggested I create a new vCenter server at the new patch level which is ridiculous since all the hosts are on a distributed switch and I would have to power off the old vCenter server, power on the new one then add all the hosts to it. And during this time I would assume the virtuals on the hosts would lose network connectivity?


      Putty session to the newly created vCenter appliance:


      Image 10.png

      The original vCenter is Version: Build 4180648.


      Can anyone suggest which logs I should check to see what the problem is?


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