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    Powershell script run to long after migration from Powercli 6.5.4 to Powercli 11

    Touffi Enthusiast

      Hi Community


      My script run to long after changing PowerCLI 6.5.4 to Powercli 11.


      I applied some recommandations found in internet but I'm not really satisfied.


      My system is Windows 2016, 4 CPU's , 8GB


      I changed scheduled Task Priority from 7 to 4

      I control the PowerCLIConfiguration:

      Scope    ProxyPolicy     DefaultVIServerMode InvalidCertificateAction  DisplayDeprecationWarnings WebOperationTimeout


      -----    -----------     ------------------- ------------------------  -------------------------- -------------------

      Session  NoProxy         Multiple            Ignore                    True                       300               

      User     NoProxy         Multiple            Ignore                                                                 

      AllUsers NoProxy


      An exemple of running time:

      Priority 7Priority 4


      With PowerCLI_11 raise now in Windows an Event 10016


      Can someone help to correct this issue?

      Thanks for suggestions.




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