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    Status of other host hardware objects error after upgrade to ESXi 6.7

    lywwing Novice

      Hi Guys,


      I get a error message at vCenter 6.7.0U1 on ESXi host after upgrade ESXi 6.5 to 6.7 on HP DL380 Gen10.




      Screenshot - 11.11.2018 , 10_20_32 AM.jpg


      It suspect there have "System Chassis 1 UID" Unknown as below.

      Screenshot - 11.11.2018 , 11_16_50 AM.jpg


      I check with HP iLO, can't found any related to system chassis, I all 3 ESXi 6.7 get the same issue after upgrade to ESXi 6.7.


      Any idea?