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    What is Estimated Bandwith (uplink) counting in the horizon helpdesk tool and vrops for horizon

    sjesse Master


      This is driving me nuts, I have a small environment, so we only dedicated 1gb connection to our desktop traffic. I'm looking at this and it is suggesting to me I'm using 119 mbps. If I look at vrops I see



      And if I look at the pod average its between 60 and 130



      All this suggest to me that I can only have  10 users when using blast, I know thats not right, and if I look at a vm I see  1 to 3 mps per second running a full screen youtube video, and thats all of the traffic? Where does the 120 come from, I can't find that anywhere even vrops farther down shows the host that is only use 765 KBps(why use B and not b?), which is only about 6mbps for the entire host?.


      Any clarification would be great.