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    VMware Workstation 15 Pro update

    KF4ZSP Lurker

      After I updated to 15.01 I can no longer use mouse inside the VM window.  When I use mouse inside the VM window VM crashes.  I had to uninstall 15.01 and reinstall 15.00 so I could use VM.

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          So it is reproducible everytime? Will you please do the following to collect logs in WS15.0.1?

          1. VM >Settings > Options > Advanced, set "Gether debugging information" to Full

          2. Reproduced the issue.

          3. Collect vmware.log in VM folder and the .dmp file.


          Please upload the file via ftp:


          VMware ftp site:

          FTP Server: ftpsite.vmware.com

          User: inbound

          Pwd: inbound

          Port: 21


          Let us know the file name you uploaded. Thanks!