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    vROps API - how to retrieve properties as time series?

    jurrienw Lurker


      Via the vRealize Ops API I’m able to retrieve the same metrics like CPU|Demand (%) as StatKeys like via the vRealize Operations Manager web user interface. I’m using vRealize Ops 6.7.


      Via the web UI it is possible to request time series about properties like Summary|Parent Host. However I’m unable to retrieve this via the API. Via /suite-api/api/resources/properties?resourceId= I can get the current Parent Host of a particular virtual machine however adding time range doesn’t work.


      In the documentation /suite-api/docs/rest/index.html#queryLatestPropertiesOfResources the sample response shows the statKey system|availability but when I try this or use summary|parentHost I get a HTTP 403 return code.


      How does the UI retrieve these metrics? Or does the UI convert these event series to time series?