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    VMware ESXi 6.5 standalone host, unable to delete files

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      I have 2 standalone hosts and use Veeam B&R to backup the production host and replicate on the other host in a remote location.


      I use Veeam B&R to backup to a local Veeam (iSCSI NAS) repository then a Veeam Backup Copy job copies those backup files to the remote location on to a Windows server that hosts a second Veeam repository.  The Windows server has a tape library for weekly Veeam Tape Backup.  The Veeam backups are daily at 6PM and typically are done it less than an hour.  At 10PM a Veeam Replication job runs and uses the backup files on the remote Windows server to create the replicas on the remote host.  This way I have 2 copies of the backup files separated by distance and the 2nd copy is verified by successfully creating a replica in at the remote location.


      There is no perfect world, so I have a few occasions where I have had Veeam upgrades, hardware upgrades, etc. and had to wipe the slate and start a new backup cycle.  There has also been deletions of old VM's that were replaced by upgraded VM's as well as VMware upgrades from 5.0 to 5.5 (u3) to 6.5 (u1) with a few updates in between.  On the remote host I have developed problems with several old folders that belonged to old VM's  (or replicas) that have been removed.  One of them if I browse the folder RVDPA-ECSL2-2 with VMware's GUI it shows no files in the folder, but will not allow me to delete it.

      2018-11-09 09_13_46-RVDPA-VMHOSTB.Americas.mittalco.com - VMware ESXi.jpg


      If I look at the same folder with Veeam's GUI it show three files and notice they all have a negative size (-1.0 B).

      2018-11-09 09_14_03-RVDPA-VAS - VMware Remote Console.jpg


      So then I login via ssh and there are three entries (or 4) in the folder.  However I cannot seem to do anything with them to make them go away so that I can delete this folder.


      [root@RVDPA-VMHOSTB:/vmfs/volumes/5721807a-441979ad-eda0-0cc47aa8de56/RVDPA-ECSL2-2] ls -la

      ls: ./vmware-8.log: No such file or directory

      ls: ./vmware.log: No such file or directory

      ls: ./vmware.log: No such file or directory

      ls: ./RVDPA-ECSL2-5078bf11.vswp: No such file or directory

      total 1032

      drwxr-xr-x    1 root     root           840 May 22 16:56 .

      drwxr-xr-t    1 root     root          3640 Oct 29 14:41 ..



      This folder is not the only one like this.  My last resort will be to delete all the current replicas and move the five running VM's to another data store so that I can just reformat the entire 8TB RAID 10 volume and start over.  Unless someone knows how it can be repaired.