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    AppVolume - AppStack on VM Horizon

    centaurtech Lurker

      I am working on creating an appstack for Informatica Data Transformation 9.0. Have tried installing to Program Files folder and also tried with creating a local folder on root, however the challenge that I come across after appstack creation is....


      1) When I am logged in as a test user in to a machine, immediate assignment of the appstack works fine. I get the application and I can launch it. There are no issues with functionality. After I log off and log back in, the system does not allow to log back in.

      2) If I set the appstack assignment from AppVolume for the next logon, it also results in the same problem. It shows that it is trying to log me in and after a few moments, signs me out.


      I have tried to check the logs but it just does not give enough information. Any help will be much appreciated.


      Thank you.