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    VMware Tools Does Not Install

    padi7777 Lurker

      I have VMware Workstation Pro 14.  I am attempting to load VMware Tools on Ubuntu.  Every time I do this, I go to the menu tabs at the top, click VM>Install VMware Tools and it begins (I assume.  No prompt says so).  From there, I can see "cancel VMware tools installation" in the menu.  It sits there in that state for hours.  I have tried multiple VMs, all Ubuntu based and the same result occurs.  It can be fixed via command line, but it takes FOREVER.  Any idea why it won't just install from the menu as designed?

      Ultimately, i am trying to get a full screen version of Ubuntu and be able to create a shared folder.  I use the VM to perform incident response duties. 

      Thank you in advance for your attention.